VMworld 2015 is just around the corner (5 weeks and counting) and the theme this year is Ready for Any …and it looks like there will be some carryover of the Brave IT message from last years event that I believe is VMware’s call to arms to get themselves ready for the shift in IT that’s occurring at the moment. This will be my third VMworld and I am looking forward to spending time networking with industry peers…walking around the Solutions Exchange looking out for the next CloudPhysics or Platform9 and also attending Technical Sessions.


The Content Catalogue went live a few weeks ago and yesterday saw the Session Builder go live allowing attendees to start locking in sessions. There are a total of 752 sessions covering

Cloud Native Applications (15)
End-User Computing (94)
Hybrid Cloud (61)
Partner Exchange @ VMworld (49)
Software-Defined Data Center (480)
Technology Deep Dives & Futures (13)

Technologies previously announced at VMworld’s past like VSAN, NSX and vCloud Air have the lions share of sessions this time around, with EUC still a very popular subject. I have already filled up my schedule and from my list of sessions I have come up with the Top 5 sessions that I am looking forward to the most.


My focus seems to have naturally shifted towards more Cloud Native Apps and Automation of late and it’s reflected in the choices above. Along side that I am also very interested to see how VMware will try to take vCloud Air into the hyperscale/PaaS category and I always I look forward to hearing from respected industry technical leads Frank Denneman and Duncan Epping as they give their perspective on storage and software defined datacenters. For a bit of fun I highly suggest the vExpert Game Show…it has become a tradition and is always a heap of fun.

As has also become tradition, there are a bunch of bloggers who put out their Top picks for VMworld…check out the links below for more insight into what’s going to be hot in San Francisco this VMworld.



Hakkında Uğur PEK
İşletme ve Teknoloji alanında Yüksek Lisansımı Çukurova Üniversitesinde tamamladım. Microsoft,Oracle,Vmvare,Dell,HP,IBM,NetApp gibi sektörün önde gelen birçok firmasının Workshoplarına, Eventlerına katıldım. Ordu Yardımlaşma Kurumunda IT uzmanı olarak görev yaptım. Şuan Enerji sektörünün önde gelen bir firmasında IT Departmanında İş hayatına devam etmekteyim. İlgi alanlarım Veri Depolama, Backup çözümleri, Vmware Virtualization ve Storage ailesi

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